Cape Cod Feed and Supply offers a few options for stall bedding. Volume discounts apply!

White Pine Shavings

Kiln dried white pine shavings compress packaged in brown paper bags.

$6.35 a bag
$5.99 10+
$5.69 100+

The first Saturday of every month our shavings are 25% off (pick-up only)
ONLY $4.75!

Reigning Champion Wood Pellet

100% wood fiber transformed into a product that provides you with a superior performing bedding product. You'll use far less product, less labor, less disposal, have considerably reduced or no ammonia odors! Compares to what used to be Woody Pet products.

$6.49 30lb bag
$5.99 pallet price (65 bags)

We also carry stall drying agents such as lime, Granular & Powdered PDZ, and Stall Dry

Choice Forest 35lb Wood Pellet

Compressed pine pellets are highly absorbent compared to wood shavings. Try them and see how much bedding you save!

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