Here at Cape Cod Feed & Supply we have chosen a wide variety of premium cat foods and products for your feline friend at every stage of their life. Our store focuses on providing quality foods that are natural and offer balanced diets with out dyes and fillers.

Below you will find some of the brands that we carry. Click on any logo to be directed to their site for further information.



Cat Litter

Pestell's Easy Clean
Naturally Fresh (pellet & clumping)
World's Best
Arm & Hammer Clump'N'Seal
Swheat Scoop
Yesterday's News

...and regular and automatic cleaning litter boxes too!

Treats and Toys

From scratching posts to play mice, to catnip and kitty greenies you can find something here to keep you kitty active and happy.

Health and Grooming Supplies
  • Salmon oil supplement
  • Kitten milk replacer
  • Flea & Tick products: Advantage, Frontine, Seresto collar, and Natural Chemistry  shampoos/sprays
  • Dry shampoo & brushes
  • ...and more!

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