Horse Feed


We know your horse's health is important to you, so it's important to us too! Let us provide you with a
high quality grain to suit your horse's specific nutritional needs. We carry both Poulin Grain and Purina feeds.


E-TEC Senior Low Carb **NEW
Carb Safe
ProMax 12% pellet
PerforMax 10/12
Complete Diet 13%
Hay Extender (Mini & Super bites)


Equine Senior
Equine Junior
Omolene 100
Omolene 200
Omolene 300
Strategy HE
Ultium Growth
Enriched Plus

We also have prime and rolled oats, wheat bran, barley, flax seed, and alfalfa pellets.


Forage is a key component in your horse's diet, and essential in keeping their digestive tract functioning well. The following are the forage options we carry in addition to our quality hay ...

Beet pulp with and with out molasses
Hydration Hay
Dengie: Hi-fi, Hi-fi gold, and Totally timothy
Hay Cubes: 50/50, Alfalfa, and Timothy mini cubes


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