Whether you need hay for feed, bedding, mulch or decoration, we carry a steady, year-round supply of quality 1st and 2nd cut hay. We guarantee our hay - if you get any moldy or dusty bales when you buy from us we will gladly replace it!. Also price breaks offered at ten bale and two ton quantities. Come in to check it out!!


1st Cut

$8.49 a bale

$7.99 10+

$7.59 85+ bales (2tons)

2nd cut

$10.59 a bale

$9.79 10+

9.39 85+ bales (2tons)

Mulch Hay

$6.25 a bale

$5.75 30+

~  Let us make it easy on you. We will deliver and load it right in the loft...for free!  ~

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