We get out what we put into our give them the good stuff!
Let us help you find the right balanced feed for your livestock. We carry Poulin Grain
and Green Mountain Organics as well as the supplements and salts you need too.

Goat & Sheep Feed

Poulin: Sheep Complete
Sweet Goat
Meat Goat
NCA Stock

Green Mountain: Sheep/Goat

Pig Feed

Poulin: Pig starter
Pig grower

Green Mountain: Pig Starter
Pig grower pellet


Llama & Alpaca Feed

Poulin: Milk and Cria
Llama Maitenance

Cow Feed

Poulin: Hi-Line 16%
Textra 14%
Textra 16%

Green Mountain: Calf Starter
High Energy 12%,
16-%, or 20% pellet
Dry Cow pellets

Plus wormers, antibiotics, milk replacer and bottles, loose mineral salts, sweetlix pressed blocks, calf manna and billy blocks.



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