Everything you need to feed and manage your backyard chickens, ducks, and turkeys


  We carry plastic and metal feeders and waterers for flocks of every size.

Oyster shells, grit, diatomaceous earth, mite treatments, vitamins/electrolytes, Omega Egg Maker & Poultry Conditioner Supplements, wormers, and more...


Don't forget treats!! We have seed mixes, pressed blocks, and meal worms that all your birds will love!

*Plus extras like ceramic eggs, heat lamps, nesting boxes, and egg baskets*

We stock the following feeds for all your
feathered friends:


Poulin: Layer Pellet, Crumble, and Mash
          Non Medicated Chick Starter Crumble
          Poultry Grower Crumble
          Egg Production Plus Crumblet
          Quick Grow Broiler
          Scratch Feed
          Cracked Corn (fine & coarse)
          Whole corn
          Turkey/Gamebird Starter
          Turkey/Gamebird Grower/Finisher


Green Mountain Organics: Chick Starter Mash
          Poultry Grower Crumble
          Layer Pellet and Mash
          Soy Free Layer Pellet
          Coarse Layer
          Broiler Grower Crumble
          Turkey Grower Pellet
          Coarse Cracked Corn
          Whole Corn


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