Wild Birds

Find everything you need here to attract and feed your feathered friends!

TIP: Consider a number of factors in attracting specific wild birds; Among them are food, type of feeder, and distance of the feeder from the ground. For example, Blue Jays love black oil sunflower seeds.  If you are trying to attract both Blue Jays and other wild birds, set the sunflower seeds in a separate feeder away from the other feeder, as Blue Jays can be very aggressive. Find out more about how to get the birds you want to your feeder here.



We have many types of seeds to choose from including:

Poulin's Green Mountain Blends 20lb + 40lb
Aspen Song Mixes 5, 10, 20 + 40lb
black oil sunflower 20lb + 40lb
striped sunflower 25lb + 50lb
safflower 50lb
thistle (nyjer) 50lb
coarse sunflower chips  50lb
80% sunflower mix 25lb

Plus a variety of suet cakes, seed logs, hummingbird and oriel nectar.

Selection of wooden, plastic, and metal hanging feeders, nectar feeders, and bird houses too!



Winter Feeding Tip

Suet for the birds
Suet is a type of fat from beef that is heated then cooled and formed into squares. Added to the squares can be an assortment of sunflowers, berries, fruits, seeds or nuts.

Suet is considered a high energy food for birds because it consists of fat. A gram of fat contains 9 calories compared to 4 calories per gram of carbohydrates or protein. This way the birds get more calories when they consume fat vs. the same amount of protein or carbohydrates. Birds need more calories in winter because they spend more energy to keep warm. Suet is an especially good bird food for cold weather feed, although birds enjoy it any time of year. If offered in the summer you need to keep suet in the shade, to prevent melting. Some suet cakes come as melt-resistant.

Suet is offered in a suet feeder, a type of plastic coated-wire mesh square container into which the suet cake neatly fits. Suet feeders come one cake space or multi capacity for suet cakes. If you are having trouble with black birds or starlings eating all the suet try a upside down suet feed.

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